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    'Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.' -Martin Luther King

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    Milwaukee Volunteers!

    "My proudest accomplishment was when I received an award from Mayor Tom Barrett at City Hall for volunteering with Painting with Purpose." - Javin

    Javen Smith is Volunteer Milwaukee & Urban Milwaukee's spotlight volunteer! At just 17 years old Javen has a deep passion for keeping his neighborhood safe and educating youth through community service.

    What made you decide to become a youth volunteer?

    I've lived in the Amani neighborhood for 10 or 11 years. I wanted to help out my neighborhood, with a growing problem of break-ins into houses. People were breaking into and sleeping in these houses, and neighbors were worried for the safety of kids in the neighborhood.

    What surprised you the most about volunteering?

    The amount of kids who were volunteering. There were two girls who used to volunteer with us. They enjoyed it so much that they would show up early, even on days we didn't do the painting program. They would ask, ''Can we do the board-ups today?'' They would be really disappointed if it was an off day for painting.

    The kids that worked on Painting with Purpose were young, the youngest probably 8. There was one girl who had over 80 hours with Painting with Purpose. She was only 9 years old.

    Has it changed your view of this community in any way?

    I did learn that kids care about stuff if they learn about the problem. If they have the opportunity to, they'll do something about it. Lots of people came and went, but the kids 13 and under were the ones really motivated to do the work.

    Read the rest of Javin's interview and his exciting plans after graduation this June on Urban Milwaukee

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    Volunteer opportunities are available at homeless shelters, environmental protection organizations, food pantries, special events, nursing homes, museums, children centers, schools, nature centers, community gardens and more!!

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    What is a Service Enterprise?

    A Service Enterprise is an organization that fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills across all levels of the organization to successfully deliver on their social mission

    Milwaukee was part of an national pilot in 2013-2014, to help nonprofits increase their mission-based services, expand community outreach and achieve objectives by effectively engaging volunteers. Administered by Volunteer Milwaukee this process prepared organizations to become certified as a Service Enterprise.

    We are excited to announce seven Milwaukee nonprofits successfully completed the process and are experiencing increased impact through volunteer engagement. Of the seven, four have become Service Enterprise certified!

    Service Enterprise Certified Organizations:

    Guest House of Milwaukee

      Click here for volunteer opportunities at Guest House of Milwaukee  


      Click here for volunteer opportunities at IndependenceFirst  

    Vision Forward Association

      Click here for volunteer opportunities at Vision Forward Association  

    Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee

      Click here for volunteer opportunities at Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee

    One Million Strong

    Volunteer with United Way's Reader, Tutor, Mentor Program

    Research proves that caring volunteers working with students of all ages, have the power to help kids boost academic achievement and put young people on track for a bright future. That's why United Way launched this historic new effort to recruit one million new volunteer readers, tutors and mentors. Learn more about volunteer opportunities and find out how you can get involved by helping kids read, tutoring students, or mentoring.

    Check out the list of current Reader, Tutor, Mentor opportunities available now.

    Shout Out to Milwaukee Volunteers

    Milwaukee has jumped from 7th to 3rd place in the number of residents who volunteered in 2012, among the 51 largest metropolitan cities. We hold this spot with 33.6% up from 32% in previous years. We are a committed and dedicated community, interconnected by individuals, families, groups, businesses and corporations all working hard to make this a great place to live, work and play.

    Volunteering in Milwaukee
    Volunteering in Wisconsin
    • 33.6% of residents volunteer
    • 42.8 volunteer hours per resident
    • 380,000 volunteers
    • 50.1 million hours of service
    • $1.1 billion of service contributed
    • 65.3% of residents donate to charity
    • 45.4% of residents over 55 volunteer
    • 23.4% or residents 20-34 volunteer
    • 35.6% of residents volunteer
    • 36.7 volunteer hours per resident
    • 1.62 million volunteers
    • 165.3 million hours of service
    • $3.1 billion of service contributed
    • 60.6% of residents donate to charity
    • 34.7% of residents over 55 volunteer
    • 20.6% of residents 20-34 volunteer

      Ever wonder what the Nonprofit Center does to promote volunteerism in the Milwaukee Community

    • Anyone Can Volunteer!

      Join your friends and neighbors -- 36% of people in Wisconsin already volunteer!
      With hundreds of opportunities available there's sure to be something of interest to you.  From playing board games and visiting seniors
      to mentoring kids or serving on a Nonprofit Board, there's an opportunity for everyone.  And we'll help you find it!

      Here are some ways to get started:

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